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OCOO Double Boiler

ocoo double boiling
What is OCOO ? 何谓重汤 ?

OCOO is an exclusive health food maker for home use that modemized the caldron double boiling method used by our ancestors to prepare herbal medicine or health food. 112°C or hotter steam flows inside the germanium pot in convectioncurrent to heat up the ceremic pot, and the fair-infrared ray heat generated from the pot heats up the moisture contained in the food itself to cook the food. This is a new and advanced cooker for the 21st century.


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What is double boiling? 何谓重汤方法?
What is Convection Current? 何谓对流现象?
It is an indirect way of heating the food by placing the food in a ceramic pot, which is placed inside the caldron, and heating the water inside the caldron. It is a healthy cooking method that can replace the 4 basic cooking methods such as roasting, boiling, frying and steaming.

Since the temperature of the steam inside the double boiler is lower than the temperature of the heating steam, the steam at a lower temperature is sealed and form dews inside due to the steam at a higher temperature.


1. It is the iron pot's double boiler cook function which can make more than 100 health foods in order to contribute man's promotion of health.

What is Ocoo1Roasting, frying with oil, boiling and steaming are handy cooking methods but when dealt with health they become problemetic. When roasted or fried, the inner portion (meat, fish) does not get well done like outer portion, which can cause carcinogen. When boiled or steamed, the water often spoils the taste. But the automatic pressure double boiler - Ocoo prevents the direct contact of fire, oil, water and steam during the cooking process, and the far infrared rays' double boiler heat cooks the food preserving it at its most natural state. That is how healthy food is done.

2. It is the maximized power saving product with high thermal efficiency that predominates the economic feasibility. It has a steam airtight function; the heated steam does not outflow.

The general pressure cookers discharge steam with a pressuring weight and steam vanishes throughout the air, but the automatic pressure double boiler-Ocoo, when the internal temperature is at 116°C (approx. 80kpa), it turns OFF automatically, and makes the pressure weight not let steam come out. When the internal temperature becomes around 112°C (approx. 60kpa) it is turned ON again. This process is repeated automatically over and over until the food is done. The key point is the prevention of steam outflow.

As a result, the cooking time is reduced due to its outstanding thermal efficiency, and when compared with general pressure cookers it really deals with economical efficiency.

What is Ocoo2

3. It is environmental because it is tightly sealed, does not smell, and herbs can be decocted comfortably.

What is Ocoo3It is environmental because it is tightly sealed, does not smell, and herbs can be decocted comfortably. It becomes a problem too when food is cooked and the steam containing its flavor and nutrition smells and pollutes the environment. In general when cooking, steam takes place after heating up at a temperature higher than 100°C and it outflows, but as mentioned before, the automatic pressure double boiler-Ocoo prevents the steam outflow, and the smell as well. (Only when ripening black garlic the smell cannot be kept out, due to its particular property)

Some pots used to decoct herbs cannot apply the normal double boiler method or the airtight technique in order to prevent smell, so herbs are decocted at low temperature, at less than 95°C, and steam is water cooled or air cooled. Since it is maintained at low tempoeratures the decoction takes a lot of time, from 18 hours to 72. Speculations come and go around that heating at a temperature higher than 100°C might cause damage on the saponin and on the medical effect, but they are proven to be obstinate opinions without evidence. On the contrary in the oriental medicine clinic, in herb medicines, health food enterprises and pharmacy enterprises the pressuring double boiler is used to heat up at temperature higher than 100°C to extract the essential medical ingredients. Also it takes less time to cook with a pressure cooker than a general rice cooker, which gives a richer and smoother taste.

These results may damage partial vitamins when heated at a temperature greater than 100°C, but what is more important is the proof that the most essential ingradients stay in the right place when cooked.

4. It has a special quality that can make concentrated food (undiluted solution of various food, herb medicine, beef soup, etc) not burn even when kept for long at a temperature higher than 112°C.

what is ocoo4When cooking, gas, tree, charcoal or electrical heater is used to heat and may possibly cause food burning, which makes to be aware of the heating time. But the automatic pressure double boiler-Ocoo does not heat directly, it boils water with electrical heat and its steam wraps up the container, never causing food burn. Therefore it is not necessary to stir up to prevent burning, and it is safe to leave it cooking for a long time. Baby food (soup, porridge) undiluted solution of various food, herb medicine, beef soup, etc can be done easily. Also hard and rigid fibroid grains like brown rice, barleycorn, oat, red beans and mung beans can be turned mild with sufficient cooking time.

5. The double boiler container is made up of germanium pottery, and emits far infrared rays' heat, preserving nutrition and making healthy food ready.

What is Ocoo5

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6. The product's functions are automated by a micro computer which has a speaking function. It is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Users can choose by pressing a button the cooking temperature, time, heat insulation, etc. Everything is controlled automatically by the micro computer and a voice function informing the cooking state can be selected with a simple button.
  • Its structure is easy to be used, it is simple and its washing methods are easy too.
  • Safety function is automated by 8 levels, especially designed for careless users where safety mode turns on automatically just in any case.
Increase heat efficiency & minimize power consumption 提高热效率,减少耗电量

power saving*OCOO* was designed for low power consumption (800W) and increased heat efficiency by keeping the steam generated by electric heat inside the product and also minimized power consumption, and it is receiving great responses from customers both domestically and internationally for its unparalleled technology and quality.


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