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10-Fold Safety Device

01 Lead Switch 引线开关功能
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This feature is activated when you properly place the cover on the main unit and when the power is connected and operation begins. The product will not operate when the body and the pressure cover are abnormally coupled or if the cover is open, but instead, it will display “E:02” and “OPEN” with a beep.
底座和压力盖正常紧扣时接通电源启动重汤机的功能.如果底座和压力盖扣合不当或处在开启状态时机器无法启动, 会在显示屏上显示E:02和“请盖好”字样, 并发出警报音.
02 Temperature Adjustment 温度调节功能
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The product has a built-in temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature and steam pressure inside the pressure chamber to maintain consistent temperature and steam pressure.

通过温度感应器自动调节, 从而保持稳定的压力容器内部温度和水蒸气压力.
03 Pressure Valve 压力阀功能
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When a problem with temperature adjustment is detected, this valve discharges the steam inside to outside.

04 Safety Valve 安全阀功能
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When a problem withthe pressure valve is detected, it discharges the steam inside to outside.
When the red indicator is up, it indicates that there is steam pressure inside and if it is down, it indicates that there is no steam pressure inside.
在第3阶段压力阀功能出现异常时起到把内部水蒸气排放到外部的功能. 红色浮子阀上移时表示内部还有压力, 红色浮子阀下移时表示没有压力.
05 Pressure Safety Device 压力安全功能
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If abnormal pressure builds up inside the cover due to abnormal action, it discharges the pressure safely.

06 Heating Water Detection 加热水感应功能
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If the heating water is not in the heating plate, the product will automatically detect this and shut down the product. The LCD will display E:01 and “No Water” with a beep.
可以感应加热板上有没有水, 没有加热用水时将停止操作.在显示屏上提示E:01和“请补水”字样,并发出警报音.
07 Temperature Fuse 温度保险丝功能
When the temperature of the product rises due to a problem, the sensor detects the abnormal temperature to shut down the product.
感应到产品发生异常而温度变高时, 使产品停止运行.
08 Cooling for Completion 烹制完毕冷却功能
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It turns off the power 20 minutes before sounding the completion message to stop heating in order to remove internal steam pressure through natural cooling when the completion message is played.
发出烹制完毕提示音20分钟前就切断电源停止加热, 当提示烹制完毕时内部水蒸气压力通过自然冷却已排出完毕
09 Discharge of Steam from Inside
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If the user tries to force open the pressure cover without removing the steam pressure inside out of negligence while the product is in use, the steam inside will be discharged under the handles to prevent accidents.
因用户使用不当在内部水蒸气压力未经排放的状态下硬开启压力盖时, 内部水蒸气会通过把手下方排放出来, 从而预防安全事故.
10 Cover Opening Prevention
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When the pressure builds up, the safety device will be activated to keep the pressure cover closed.


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