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01 The pressure cover and the inner pot are quite hot during cooking or immediately after cooking. Take cautions to avoid burns.
烹制中或刚烹制结束后压力盖及内胆会发热, 请注意烫伤.
The packing such as pressure packing and pot packing are consumable parts. Clean and replace it periodically.
压力密封圈及坛子密封圈等垫圈类属于消耗品, 应定期清洗及进行更换.
Use a soft sponge to clean the germanium inner pot, pot, and cover, and do not heat the pots and the cover with another heat source such as gas oven, microwave, or oven. Take cautions to prevent breakage and cracks from sudden change of temperature.
锗内锅, 坛子及盖子请用柔软的海绵进行清洗, 切勿用燃气灶, 电磁炉, 烤箱等其他热源进行加热.如遇突然的温度变化有可能造成破损及龟裂, 需多加注意.
If you tilt the pressure valve while the pressure indicator is up, the content can boil over. Tilt the valve only after the pressure indicator is completely down.
浮子阀在上移状态下掀开压力阀有可能造成里面的食物外溢, 请确认浮子阀完全下移后掀开压力阀.
After use, discard the water from the heating plate and dry it with a towel to use the product for a long time.
使用后倒掉加热板的水, 再用干抹布擦拭保管经久耐用.
After cooking, the product will automatically turn to the Keep Warm mode (except for Boiling Soybeans and Fermenting Soybeans courses). The LCD will indicate the time the content is kept warm and it will increase by the passage of time.
烹制完成后自动切换到保温状态(清麴酱煮熟, 发酵菜单除外), 此时LCD显示屏上显示时间是开始保温的时间, 因此时间会越来越长.
When you are using the Keep Warm mode only, put water into the heating plate and choose“Concentrate”, adjust cooking time to “00:00” using time adjusting buttons, and then press the Start button to start the mode.
单独设置保温功能时, 在加热板上倒上水(600CC)后选择“原液”, 并利用时间调整键把烹制时间设置为 " 00:00 " 后按开始键即可.

Degree of fermentation of soybeans can change according to the condition of the ingredients, water content, and surrounding temperature. (The fermentation course uses low temperature and the pressure indicator does not rise.)
清麴酱的发酵程度因食材的状态, 水量, 周围温度等而异.
(发酵菜单在低温下进行烹制, 浮子阀不会上浮.)

The timer feature is not supported for ripening or decocting red ginseng, boiling or fermenting soybeans.
红参蒸制, 红参熬制, 清麴酱煮熟, 清麴酱发酵菜单不支持预约功能.
For best taste of tonic steamed rice, keep warm no longer than five hours.
为了呈现最佳的味道, 补养饭菜单在烹制完毕后保温时间不会超过5小时.

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