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45°C to 95°C
1 Hour to 15 hour

Wellbeing Cooking

What is slow temperature slow cooking?

Low-temperature cooking generally means the cooking temperature is maintained within 100°C without having direct contact with the cooking material in order to retain its original taste.

The greatest reformation of OCOO Smart Cooker is the addition of “Wellbeing Low Temperature”. Wellbeing low temperature cooking is the latest cooking technology which also known as Slow Cook. OCOO wellbeing low temperature is freely adjustable from 45°C to 95°C with the time starting from 1 hour to 15 hours. It consists of a pot with germanium elements that will release far-infrared rays while cooking to eliminate agricultural residues from fruits, vegetables and meats. This cooking method can produce fine and healthy food. The most important fact is that under low temperature cooking the food will not degenerate and produce cancerous materials.

19 Powerful Features

Caldron double boiling + Modern pressuring technology

Aging 1
Aging 2
OCOO Honey
Baby Food
Herbal Tea
Brown Rice
K-Stew High
K-Stew Low
Fruit Vinegar

10 Fold Safety Device

Non-Return Valve Safety Device Function

If abnormal pressure is generated inside the pressure cap due to abnormal operation, the pressure will be safety released.

Pressure Valve Function

It has a function of discharging water vapor when there is an abnormality in the temperature control function.

Pressure Valve Function

When there is a problem with the 7-step pressure valve function, it discharges the water vapor inside. When the indicator rises, it indicates that there is water vapor pressure inside, and when the indicator is lowered, it indicates that there is no submersible pressure inside.

Temperature Control Function

A built-in temperature sensor automatically adjusts the temperature and water vapor pressure inside the pressure vessel.

Heated Object Detection Function

If there is no heating material on the heating plate, it detects and will stop the operation of the product.

Cooked Cooling Function

It is turned off before the cooking completion signal sounds and the heating process will be stopped. When the cooking completion sound sounds, the internal water vapor pressure is removed by natural cooling.

Internal Water Vapor Discharge Function

If the user tries to forcefully open the pressure cap without removing the internal vapor pressure while the product is in operation due to user negligence, the internal vapor is discharged to the bottom to prevent accidents.

Lid Opening Prevention Function

When certain pressure is generated, a safety device is activated to prevent the pressure cover from opening.

Temperature Fuse Function

When an abnormality occurs in the product and the temperature of the product rises, it detects and stops the product.

Red Switch Fuction

If the connection between the body and the pressure lid in incorrect or the pressure lid handle is not properly connected, E:02 will be displayed on the screen showing OPEN and a buzzer sounds.

Parts & Names

  1. Pressure Cover
  2. OCOO Handle
  3. OCOO Body
  4. Germanium Pot
  5. Germanium Inner Lid
  6. Insulated Handle
  7. Germanium Pot Packing
  8. Germanium Inner Pot