What is OCOO


What is OCOO?

OCOO is a well-known Korean Health Cooker with intelligent technology which makes our life easier. It modernized the caldron double boiling method used by our ancestors to prepare herbal medicine or healthy food. It uses 112°C or steam flows inside with convection current to heat up the germanium ceramic pot. With the germanium element inside the pot, it will generate far-infrared ray heat to heat up the food. This is a new and advanced cooker for the 21st century. Now, with OCOO, we can start our healthy journey right away. 


  • Users can start cooking by pressing a button to set the cooking mode, cooking temperature and time. Everything is controlled automatically by the microcomputer and a voice function informing the cooking state.
  • Its structure is easy to be used, children-friendly and easy to clean.
  • The safety function is automated by 10 levels, specially designed for careless users where safety mode turns on automatically just in any case.
  • OCOO has a high power saving mode which will minimize the power usage while cooking and after cooking. It will automatically keep warm the food after the cooking is done. With the keep warm mode, our users can enjoy their food warm anytime.
  • OCOO is designed with an airtight compartment to make sure the steam inside does not escalate while cooking in making the safety of our users. We have 10 automatic safety levels that will protect our user’s safety while using it.
  • It is tightly sealed, does not smell, and herbs can be decocted comfortably. The odour inside cannot escape while cooking making your house will be clean and fresh.
  • It can make concentrated food (undiluted solution of various food, herb medicine, beef soup, etc) not burn even when kept for long after done cooking.
  • OCOO is made up of germanium ceramic pot which will emit far-infrared rays which will eliminate odour from food, dilute agricultural residue and antibiotics in meat.
  • It can preserve the taste and freshness of the food while cooking because it uses low-temperature cooking. It will not burn the food or destroy the nutrients in food.
  • OCOO Smart Cooker has an LED screen which makes users easier to select the option.
  • It also has a smart sound system guide that will alert users about the status while cooking and done cooking.
  • OCOO Smart Cooker has 10 safety fold devices that will protect the users’ safety while using it.

Increase Heat Efficiency & Minimize Power Consumption

OCOO was designed for low power consumption (800W) and increased heat efficiency by keeping the steam generated by electric heat inside the product and also minimizing power consumption, and it is receiving great responses from customers both domestically and internationally for its unparalleled technology and quality.